Zingsiam Saitar Waterfall, Bandarban

Zingsiam Saitar waterfall is located in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban district. This is a beautiful waterfall in Bandarban. It’s situated beside Rumana para and for this reason it has another name- Rumana Waterfall (রুমানা ঝর্ণা). There are some other waterfalls near Rumana para such as Rijuk waterfall, Jadipai waterfall. So, when you are planning to visit Zingsiam Saitar waterfall, you can also plan to visit them as well.

How to go: There are many buses goes from Dhaka to Bandarban.

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After reaching Bandarban, you need to go Ruma Upazila by bus or Chander Gari (চান্দের গাড়ি). Bus fare is about 150 Taka. From Ruma, you need to go Ruma Bazar. You can take boat to reach there. Per person cost about 30 Taka by boat. From Ruma Bazar, you have to go Rumana para. You need to stay one night between somewhere. The day after you reach Rumana para, you can start for Zingsiam Saitar waterfall. From Rumana para, it’s about a 40 minutes walk. You need to take a travel guide to visit that waterfall.

Where to stay: During your journey you will go through couple of trival para (আদিবাসী পাড়া) such as Passing para, Sungsang para. The guide will manage a place in any of these para to stay overnight. Food will be served from the same place.

If you have plan to visit other places in Bandarban, here are some hotels you can check:

Parjantan Motel
Meghla, Bandarban
Phone: 0361-62741

Nilachal Escape
Nilachal, Bandarban
Phone: 01777-765789

Hotel River View
Phone: 01836 151651

Hotel Plaza
Army para, Bandarban
Phone: 0361 63252

Hill Side Resort
Milonchori, Bandarban
Phone: 01730 045054

Zingsiam Saitar Waterfall Rumana Para Bandarban