Hatimura (Mayung Kopa), Khagrachari

Mayung Kopa or Hatimura is a long stairway over the hills that is located in Panchari of Khagrachari District. Hatimura is familiar as ‘Hati Matha’ by local people. Some other people or travelers love to mention this stairways as ‘Shorger Shiri’ that means stairway to heaven. In Chakma language, it is called “Edo sirey mon”. Mayung Kopa sometimes called Mayung Kopal. But Mayung Kopal is a distorted name. The meaning of Maung Kopa is the head of elephant. This iron-made stairway is about 308 feet long and that connects some villages to make their lifestyle more convenient in hilly area. Apart from this necessity, it becomes another tourist spot in Khagrachari.

How to go: You need to go Khagrachari by bus. Then you need to go Jamtoli Bus Stop (জামতলী যাত্রী ছাউনী). You can easily go there by taking local transport such as easy bike/auto. From there, you have to take a road on left. Take a walk for 10 minutes and you will reach a river or canal called Chengi River (চেঙ্গী নদী). After crossing that, take the road to right and you will get a school named Paltan Joy Government Primary School. You will get some shops there. If you need to buy any food or something, get them from there. If you think you need any travel guide, you can take someone from there. After that you need to cross two pools. After that you will get a narrow road on right side. Then you need to cross a small pool. Keep walking towards to your straight and you will get a Para called Bogra Para (বগড়া পাড়া). Keep going and you have to cross a small hill and will see an area called Kaptola. From that area take a right way and after some time you will get two ways; take the right one. Keep walking and then you will reach your destination Mayung Kopa. From Khagrachari, it may take about 1.5 hours to reach there. Best season or time to visit the place is dry season such as summer and winter.

From here you will get some buses that goes from Dhaka to Khagrachari: Dhaka to Khagrachari Bus

Tips: Bring dry food such as dates, chocolate, mango bar and water.

Where to stay: There are some hotels and motels in Khagrachari to stay. Here are some of them with contact numbers. 
Parjatan Motel, Khagrachari
Phone: 0371-62084, 0371-62085

Hotel Ecochari Inn
Phone: 0371-62625, 0371-62626

Forest Rest House
Phone: 0371-61714

mayung kopal-hatimatha, Khagrachari
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