Ultimate Fun Factory, Bashundhara City, Dhaka

Ultimate Fun Factory is located in Bashundhara City Shopping mall in Panthapath of Dhaka. This is the largest gaming zone in South Asia.

The entire gaming zone consists in total 5 floors in Bashundhara city (14th to 18th floor of the building). You can enjoy all types of gaming including virtual reality games using different types of VR (virtual reality) headsets.

Entry Fee: 50 Taka

There are different types of gaming in different floors. Here is the list of gaming fees an prices.

Gaming on 14th Floor
Game Name Price
Speed Racing Red 150 Taka
Speed Racing Blue 150 Taka
NFS Drifter 150 Taka
Flight Simulator 150 Taka
F1 Racer 150 Taka
F1 Racer Max 150 Taka
Virtual Racer 150 Taka
Virtual Motorcycle 150 Taka
Virtual Sea Adventure 150 Taka
Horse Warriors 200 Taka
Speed Adventures 100 Taka
Gaming on 15th Floor
Game Name Price
VR War Field 200 Taka
V of War 200 Taka
VR Shooter Walker 150 Taka
Virtual Egg 100 Taka
Laser Tag 200+ Taka
Gaming on 16th Floor
Game Name Price
Simulator Roller Coaster 150 Taka
Fly Max 200 Taka
Walk the Plank 200 Taka
Jurassic Escape VR 150 Taka
Laser Maze 200 Taka
Multidimensional Cinema 5D 100 Taka
Interactive Cinema Shooter 7D 200 Taka
VR Tank 9D 150 Taka
Gaming on 17th Floor
Game Name Price
Hunting Storm 100 Taka
Transformers Human Alliance 100 Taka
Walking dead Shooting 100 Taka
Time Crisis 5 100 Taka
Super Alpine Racer 100 Taka
Air Hockey Storm 100 Taka
Jurassic Park 100 Taka
Outback Dino Hunter 100 Taka
Batman 100 Taka
Operation Ghost 100 Taka
Let’s Go Island 100 Taka
Dead House 4 100 Taka
Love Sport 150 Taka
Pump it up Prime 2 Dance 100 Taka
Dirty Driving 100 Taka
Speedy Air Hockey 100 Taka
Extreme Snowboard 100 Taka
3D Extreme Flight 100 Taka
Overtake VR 200 Taka
Aliens 100 Taka
Gaming on 18th Floor
Game Name Price
Sports Simulator 300 Taka
Bowling 250 Taka

There are also different game package costs from 500 to 700 Taka.

Saturday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM
Sunday: 3 PM to 9:30 PM
Monday: 3 PM to 9:30 PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3 PM to 9:30 PM
Thursday: 3 PM to 9:30 PM
Friday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM

Bashundhara City, Panthapath, Dhaka
Contact Number: 16339