Jumghor Eco Resort, Sajek

Jumghor Eco Resort is located in Sajek of Rangamati district. To book any cottage or room of this resort, you can contact with them over phone.
Facility: Attached balcony/terrace, attached bathroom, solar panel, generator etc.
Room rent: 2500 taka
Phone/mobile: 01884-208060
Address: Ruiluipara, Sajek, Rangamati

**Room rents are subject to change by resort authority and can vary in different seasons.

Photos of Jumghor Eco Resort Resort

Jumghor Eco Resort, Sajek, Baghaichari, Rangamati
Jumghor Eco Resort, Sajek

Jumghor Eco Resort, Sajek, Rangamati

View from Jumghor Eco Resort, Sajek
View from Jumghor Eco Resort
Room photo of Jumghor Eco Resort, Sajek
A room of Jumghor Eco Resort