Travel Tips to Visit Sajek Valley | Rangamati

Sajek Valley is located in Baghaichari  Upazila of Rangamati District, Bangladesh. Though it is located in Rangamati District, but you have to go there through Khagracchari District. If you are planning to visit Sajek Valley, here are some travel tips for you.

    • As Sajek is a remote hilly area, you need to go there with the armed-escort facility from Bangladesh Army. Army escort facility is available twice in everyday from Baghaihat area to Sajek and also from Sajek to Baghaihat. The timings are 10.00 AM and and 3.00 PM. There are Army and BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) camps in Baghaihat. Baghaihat is located near Dighinala.
    • Take Chader Gari or Jeep type vehicle (also called Chander Gariচাঁদের গাড়ি) from Dighinala (this is an upazila or subdistrict of Khagrachhari District) to reach Sajek. There are other transports such as motor cycle, CNG auto riskshaw as well. But Chader Gari is perfect and safe vehicle for the journey.
    • When you are hiring a Chader Gari, The fare should be for round trip. That means this will take you Sajek and when you are getting back to Dighinala, it will take back. That does not mean, you have to come back in same day.
    • While you will hire a Chader Gari or Jeep or any other vehicle for Sajek, do bargain. The fare is not fixed actually.

  • There is no electricity in Sajek Valley. Hotels and resorts have either power generator or solar panel for electricity resource. There is no guaranty whenever you may get chance to charge your mobile phone. So, carry a fully charged power bank before getting Sajek.
  • Mobile network from all mobile companies in Sajek is not promised. Most of the travelers that visited Sajek recommended carrying Robi SIM to get connected in Sajek.
  • Drinking water is bit costly and not much available in Sajek. It is better idea to take bottled water from Khagracchari before starting journey.
  • When you are planning to visit Sajek, make sure where you are going to stay. There is no plenty of hotels and resorts in Sajek. Only a few numbers of hotels and resorts. So, make sure when you are arriving there, there is room for you. The best idea is to make a booking. Most of these resorts take booking over phone and you have make an advance payment of 50% through Bkash.  Here you can get list of hotels and resorts in Sajek with phone numbers.
  • To roaming around Sajek, take a boot or keds with good grip. As the Sajek is hilly area, good gripped boot are good for trekking.
  • You can visit Sajek Valley all of the year. But best time to vist Sajek is in winter or near rainy season. So, you can plan visiting there from September to April/May.
  • You have to order food at least 1 hour ago. There is no huge number of restaurants.
  • Keeps in your mind – there is no electricity in the area of Sajek. So, there is no AC (air conditioned) hotels or resort there.

Sajek Valley, Rangamati, Bangladesh