Bardhan Kuthi | Gaibandha

Bardhan Kuthi (বর্ধন কুঠি) is one of the historical places of Gaibandha district which is located near Gobindaganj Upazila of Gaibandha. It is anticipated that the anchiet name of Bardhan Kuthi was Bardhan Court. Bardhan Kuthi was ruled by Raja Harinath during the reign of British East-India company. During the separation of Indian subcontinent, Bardhan kuthi Raja Shoilesh Chandra Migrated to India from Bangladesh. He was the last ruler of Bardhan Kuthi.

Because of the establishment of Gobindaganj college in this place, only the relics of Bardhan Kuthi can be seen. It requires indepth research to discover the continuation of distinguish dynasty in Bardhan Kuthi. The research will also unveil the valuable information of contemporary Zamindar’s and their lifestyle as well.
How to go:  If you wish to visit this historical place, you have to go Gaibandha and then you need to reach Gobindaganj Upazila. Whenever you are there, you can take a auto rickshaw to be there.

You can go Gaibandha either by bus or train.

Here are some bus services from Dhaka you can check:

1. Shyamoli Paribahan
Gabtali Counter: 02-8014538
Saydabad Counter: 01712 596940, 01718 075541

2. Shah Fathe Ali Paribahan
Mohakhali Counter: 01193-221085
Abdullahpur Counter: 01191-680687

3. Al Hamra Paribahan
Gabtali Counter phone: 02-9005612, mobile: 01721802031

Where to stay: There are some hotels to stay in Gaibandha. 

1. Hotel Ar Rahman
Shaheed Anwar Hossen Sarak, Gaibandha
Phone: 0541-61481, Mobile: 01713-270283, 01715464748

2. Hotel Al-Saiful
Shahid Suhrawardy Road,
Moddhopara, Gaibandha
Mobile: 01962-615415, 01764-990822, Phone: 0541-62090

3. Hotel Rajmahal
DB road, bus stand, Gaibandha
Mobile: 01737805563

4. Hotel Rajanigondha 
Dinajpur Road, Gobindaganj, Gaibandha

Famous food: Gaibandha is famous for Roshmonjuri (রসমঞ্জুরি) । In other place this sweet item is familiar as Roshmalai, but in Gaibandha it’s called Roshmonjuri. You can get quality Roshmonjuri from following sweet shops:

1. Gaibandha Mistanno Vander
Station Road, Kachari Bazar, Gaibandha
Phone: 01819 217225, 01739 083232

2. Mayamoni Restaurant
Dhanghara Road, Gabindaganj, Gaibandha

Some other pictures of Bardhan Kuthi:Bardhan Kuthi, Gaibandha

Bardhan Kuthi, Gobindaganj, Gaibandha
Bardhan Kuthi, Gobindaganj, Gaibandha
Bardhan Kuthi, Gobindaganj, Gaibandha
Bardhan Kuthi, Gobindaganj, Gaibandha
Bardhan Kuthi, Gobindaganj, Gaibandha