Tourist Places in Chittagong

Chittagong is famous for its largest international seaport on the Bay of Bengal. This is the second largest city of Bangladesh. It is also popular for hilly area, seashore, lakes and natural beauty.  Here are some notable tourist places to visit in Chittagong.
Foy’s lake: Foy’s lake is a man-made lake that was created in 1924. It is of the popular tourist spot in Chittagong.
Patenga Sea beach:This sea beach is one of the main tourist attraction in Chittagong, The beach is near the port city of Chittagong.
Ethnological Museum of Chittagong: The museum is located in Chittagong. It is the only ethnological museum in Bangladesh.
Chandanpura Mosque: This is one of the reknown architectural landmark in Chittagong. The mosque is designed with multipke minarets and domes.

Nandankanan Buddhist Monastery: Chittagong Buddhist Monastery is also known as Nandankanan Buddhist Monastery which is one of the historic and oldest Buddhist Monastery in Chittagong.
Zia Memorial Museum: This is a memorial museum of President Ziaur Rahman. It was established in 1993.
Battali Hill: Batali is the hill which is the highest point of Chittagong from where the entire city can be seen.
Sitakunda Botanical Garden and Eco Park: This eco-park is located in Sitakunda of Chittagong. The total area of this eco-park is about 996 acres.
D C hill: The name D C refers to the District Commissioner. The residense of District Commissioner is at the top of the hill and for reason that this hill named as D C hill.
University of Chittagong: This is a public university located in Hathazari of Chittagong. This university is one of the largest university which was established in 1966.
Shrine of Shah Amanat:The shrine of this holy saint is located in Chittagong which is being considered as a religious attraction.
Horinmara Kundo Waterfall: This is a waterfall located in Chhoto Komoldoho area of Mirsharai upazila (sub-district) in Chittagong.
Khoiyachora Waterfall: Anoter waterfall in Mirsharai of Chittagong. This is located in Boro Takia Bazar, Mirsharai, Chittagong.