Teknaf to Saint Martin’s Island Ships Ticket Price

There are several ships (also called Sea Trucks sometime) that goes to Saint Martin’s Island from Teknaf during pick tourism season in Bangladesh.

All these ships start journey from Teknaf at 9:30 AM in the morning and take 2:30 to 3 hours to reach there. And all those ships starts journey from Saint Martin’s Island towards Teknaf at 3:00 PM and reached about 5:30 PM. All fares are mentioned below is up and down (round trip).

MV Greenline 1

Keari Sinbad
Main Deck 550 Taka
Open Deck 700
Bridge Deck 800 Taka

Keari Cruise & Dine (Air Conditioned) 
Pearl Lounge 1400 Taka
Coral Lounge 1000 Taka 
Exclusive Lounge 1000 Taka 

Bay Cruiser-1 Catamaran 
Rajani Gondha (Green Zone) 1200 Taka
Hasna Hena (Blue Zone) 1300 Taka
Krishno Chura (Red Zone) 1500 Taka

***Children ticket policy: Children under the age of 2 years old will travel for free. Please note no seats will be allocated for them. No half ticket available.

L.C.T Kutubdia
Economy Deck 550 Taka
Open Deck 700 Taka
Royal Lounge (AC) 900 Taka
Luxury Lounge (AC) 1200 Taka

Passenger reporting time for all ships in Teknaf is 9:00 AM. And reporting time in St. Martin’s Island’s is 2:00 PM.

Tickets for Keari Ship and Bay Cruiser-1 can be purchased from their office in Dhaka and other offices. Tickets can be purchased online through Shohoz.com for Bay Cruiser-1.
*Ticket prices are subject to change any time by authority respectively.