Paragliding In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is getting renowned in tourism sector day by day. Hill tracts area of Bangladesh contribute a major part of this tourism. Paragliding is an exciting sports activity that can be perform from convenient surface of hill and Bangladesh has that opportunity. Yet, there is no paragliding activity in Bangladesh. Most of the travelers from Bangladesh those love to enjoy paragliding have to go other countries that have paragliding availability. If Bangladesh introduces paragliding, it would be a really good news to Bangladeshi tourists as long as tourist from abroad. It will add an extra milestone to Bangladeshi tourism.

Good news is that, hopefully paragliding is going to be introduced in Bangladesh soon. Details of paragliding, place, training and costing to do this will be announce soon. The possible area for paragliding would be hill tracts of Bangladesh such as Bandarban, Khagrachhari or Rangamati.

Paragliding mostly depends on the weather and height. It can be performed during winter and semi-summer season. So, probably there are around 6 months time span in every year for doing paragliding in Bangladesh in favorable weather.