Zingsiam Saitar Waterfall, Bandarban

Zingsiam Saitar waterfall is located in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban district. This is a beautiful waterfall in Bandarban. It’s situated beside Rumana para and for this reason it has another name- Rumana Waterfall (রুমানা ঝর্ণা). Continue Reading

Hatimura (Mayung Kopa), Khagrachari

Mayung Kopa or Hatimura is a long stairway over the hills that is located in Panchari of Khagrachari District. Hatimura is familiar as ‘Hati Matha’ by local people. Some other people or travelers love to mention this stairways as ‘Shorger Shiri’ that means stairway to heaven. Continue Reading

Risang Waterfall in Khagrachari

Richang Waterfall in Khagrachhari

Richang Waterfall (also called Richhang or Risang Waterfall) is located in Khagrachhari District. It has another name in Tripura language which is Terangtoi Waterfall (তেরাংতৈ কালাই ঝর্ণা). It would take about 40 minutes if you start hiking from the waterfall gate to reach the waterfall. Continue Reading